My friend, Donald Quist, asked me to write a short piece for a great project he started at the beginning of the year: 

In his words: 

This project began during a period of acute anxiety and existential crisis. Worried about the future and whether I had made enough progress towards my goals, I sat down and considered where I was in my life ten years earlier, and then I wrote about it. I realized I had experienced many things I could have never conceived a decade prior and nearly every aspect of my life had changed. 

Change is constant and it can be hard to measure from day to day. I think there is value in taking a moment to look back a decade. There is value in reflecting on the differences between who you are and who you were. 

Curious about the journeys of others, I started asking friends and family, "Where were you on this date ten years ago?" 

Here, I will share some of these responses as a testament to the transformative power of time and the human capacity to turn the unpredictable into art. I hope these recollections inspire you to ponder your own existence, and how you have changed over the past ten years. I hope they encourage you to persevere another decade.

Check out Harbors, Donald's most recent non-fiction work. The dude can write.   

Oh, and here's a link to my essay on his site. 


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