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Assad and Shabaab

In Jerusalem I watched Israeli soldiers casually frisking Arabs.Imagine – you’re at one of the most important cities in your culture and before you can take in the sights, some cocky kid with an automatic weapon is slapping your balls while searching for concealed arms.At one moment my eyes locked with one of the young men being searched.The soldier standing behind the guy held him up by his collar and nudged his legs wider apart with his boot.
“Wouldn’t you hate these bastards too?” the Arab’s glare asked.
Rushdie wrote that, “If you live in the twentieth centuryyou do not find it hard to see yourself in those, more desperate than yourself, who seek to shape it to their will.”That goes for the twentyfirst century as well.
But targetting children?The footage coming out of the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi is painful to watch.A lot of it makes me feel physically ill, and not just because my family visited the shopping centre several times a week.It’s the same revulsion I felt when I …