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After Sandy Hook

I have never been a gun enthusiast.I have difficulty thinking of the circumstances that would prompt me to have a gun in my home.Even when I was in the Marine Corps I thought of firearms as expensive, pain-in-the-ass-to-maintain tools.But I understand my friends who are gun enthusiasts.I get it.Anyone who’s ever nestled his cheek against a high powered rifle or felt the satisfying metallic clack-clack of pulling back a slide gets it.You don’t have to be a carpenter to appreciate a good power drill.But let’s stop pretending that this – a concrete appreciation for firearms – is what many on the right are talking about when they talk about gun rights in the United States.
When describing gun rights many on the right use phrases that conjure up images of hardy pioneers, staring through musket-sites at wolves threatening the homestead.Phrases like “rugged individualism” or “self-determination.”These phrases don’t describe gun rights; they describe an idea of what it means to be American. A…