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Thought Crime

A year ago today a Norwegian man named Anders Breivik murdered 77 people in Sweden.  The attack was well planned, involving the bombing of several government buildings, followed by a machine gun massacre on Utoya Island, where members of the Swedish Labor party’s youth league were meeting. 
Breivik published his 1,500 page manifesto on the internet prior to the massacre.  He stands accused of many things, but not a lack of canny.  Breivik knew that the atrocity would give him a platform.  Out of (admittedly morbid) curiosity I read a few snippets of the manifesto.  What compels a human being to do such a thing?  As it turns out, Breivik is a crazed Islamaphobe who sees himself as a crusader against the dark skinned hordes banging at Europe’s gates.  The Swedish Labor party’s youth league was the perfect target: not only is it avowedly anti-racist, many of its members are ethnic minorities. 
A couple days ago in Colorado we had our own massacre.  Americans are more used to this type …