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Slaves, Obey Your Masters

 On March 5th American Atheists Inc. started running this billboard in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.The announcement on the organization’s Facebook page read in part, The target audience of our billboard is closeted atheists who support the year of the bible.The fastest way for a Christian to become an Atheist is to read the bible.We want them to recognize that they see the application of the verse and how awful the bible is and come out of the closet.We especially want the in-the-pew atheist to begin to question why they are continuing the charade of going to church and giving their money in coercion of the bible. I scrolled down the comments on the post.There were arguments about whether the book of Colossians was written in the Bronze or Iron Age, about the “context” of the verse, about misinterpretation from the original Greek.Nothing unexpected. More interesting were the complaints about the jarring image, about the need to tread carefully on the subject of slavery, about the risk of …