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The Stench

The first time you stand post in civilian clothes you feel pretty cool. The curly radio wire running from your ear down your suit coat looks tough.  The weapon on your hip feels reassuring.  You talk into your cuff – even if you have nothing worthwhile to say.  You are Secret Agent Man.  This lasts about five minutes. 
Then your collar starts to itch.  So does the radio wire running down your back.  And the weapon dragging down your belt just feels heavy. 
How much longer is this interview going to last anyway?    
When the embassy had a “walk-in” one of the Marines was called in, required to put on a shirt and tie, holster his weapon on his belt, button up his sports coat and stand outside the room while an “other government agency” (OGA) officer interviewed the person.  A “walk-in” is someone who enters a U.S. Embassy and asks to speak to a government official.  I would guess that some 98.5% of these people are insane.  The rest are folks that want to spy for the U.S. government or ha…