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Jefferson's War

Like the rest of the world, I watched the Arab spring unfold in awe.Most recently that awe has been centered on Libya. A lot of pundits have pointed out that it is oddly fitting that it is in Libya – the place where the Stars and Strips flew for the first time in battle on foreign soil – that the United States has taken its first stumbling steps in reevaluating the way we intervene abroad.I count myself among the chorus who were very happy to see the U.S. relinquish the driver’s seat to our European allies.But, when the “rebels” entered Tripoli on August 21st, this was not at the forefront of my mind; I was thinking of Thomas Jefferson.
Thomas Jefferson was President at the time fo the U.S.`s first foray into Libya during the first Barbary War in 1805 (the word “Barbary” stems from the Berber population of North Africa and also, probably, from the not so subtle similarity in English to the word “barbarism”).At Marine boot camp every young recruit learns the story of Lieutenant Presley …