Reliving a Deadly Day at a U.N. Compound in Mogadishu

A short essay commemorating the bravery of my Somali friends and colleagues in the wake of the attack on our compound in Mogadishu five years ago. Link to the essay in the New York Times.

Shades of Masculinity - American Pop Culture and the Black Superhero

New essay on the Black Panther, Luke Cage, and Blaxploitation for the Mantle.


On Jerusalem

A short piece on Jerusalem for the Good Men Project.

Memories of War: Hanoi's Military Monuments

A short piece Iryna and I put together for Outpost Magazine. Click here for a link to the article.

Walking Point

"Walking Point" won second place in the Colonel Darren L. Wright Veterans' Writing Contest. I'm proud of the work the editors at Line of Advance are doing to maintain Colonel Wright's legacy. He sounds like he was a good man. And I'm proud of this story.

My friend, Donald Quist, asked me to write a short piece for a great project he started at the beginning of the year: 
In his words: 
This project began during a period of acute anxiety and existential crisis. Worried about the future and whether I had made enough progress towards my goals, I sat down and considered where I was in my life ten years earlier, and then I wrote about it. I realized I had experienced many things I could have never conceived a decade prior and nearly every aspect of my life had changed. 
Change is constant and it can be hard to measure from day to day. I think there is value in taking a moment to look back a decade. There is value in reflecting on the differences between who you are and who you were. 
Curious about the journeys of others, I started asking friends and family, "Where were you on this date ten years ago?" 
Here, I will share some of these responses as a testament to the transformative power of time and the human capacity to…